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"Bill Beauty & Health Products Ltd. is a well-established manufacturer, packager, labeler, importer, and distributor of natural health and beauty products.
We offer quality natural health products, dietary supplements, and skincare products to meet the demands of customers in Canada and many countries around the world."

康加美®儿童牛初乳 90粒咀嚼片康加美®鲜橙味海豹油500毫克120粒软胶囊康加美®维D软糖 (儿童) 120 粒软糖康加美®大蒜油丸300粒软胶囊康加美®Omega-3 海豹油 500毫克 软胶囊

Better Immunity Longer Life

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CTV News

COVID-19 patients and vitamin D deficiency

TORONTO -- More than 80 per cent of COVID-19 patients at a hospital in Spain had a Vitamin D Deficiency, according to a new study.