Dr. Bill™ Gin Max™ 90 Tablets
Dr. Bill™ Gin Max™ 90 Tablets
Dr. Bill™ Gin Max™ 90 Tablets

Dr. Bill™ Gin Max™ 90 Tablets

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  • Helps promotes healthy glucose levels
  • Maintains a healthy immune system
  • Helps relieve nervousness
  • A mild sedative

Dr. Bill Gin Max Tablet contains Canadian Ginseng, also known by North American Ginseng or the scientific name Panax quinquefolius. It is a species that is native to the hardwood forests of eastern Canada and northeastern US region. Canada’s clean water and minimal pollution contribute to the high quality of Canadian ginseng. “Panax” comes from Greek, meaning “all-heal”.

Canadian ginseng has a long history of use in Native North American herbal medicine and Traditional Chinese medicines. Several components of Canadian ginseng enable it to have numerous positive health effects and daily use safety. In herbal medicine, Canadian ginseng is used as supportive therapy to maintain healthy glucose levels. Unhealthy glucose levels can lead to diabetes.

Canadian ginseng is also used as an adaptogen to help maintain a healthy immune system due to its immunomodulating property. Our immune system is essential to fighting off bacteria and viruses, therefore, it is important to maintain our immune system healthy. Canadian ginseng has an effect on the central nervous system including anti-stress and anti-oxidant activity.

Why choose BILL®?

Thanks to Canada’s clean water and minimal pollution, Bill Natural Sources® Gin Max uses Canadian ginseng in the finest quality. Most importantly, it contains the main active component - 10% ginsenosides. Each tablet is coated to smooth the surface and make it easier to be swallowed, and more resistant to moisture and oxidation. Let’s enjoy the many benefits of Bill Natural Sources® Gin Max today!

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